We thank our STAR PARTNERS for their support:

2016 Convention: Reach for the Stars!

On Tuesday, June 7th join us for golf
at beautiful Quarry Oaks for a round of golf!

After golf we will meet back up at the Embassy Suites &
Convention Center in La Vista, NE for
  • Golf Prizes
  • Trade Fair
  • Evening Entertainment
  • PIA's Nightcap Reception
Don't miss special guest speaker Curt Tomasevicz!
Curt will share his experiences and inspire us to "Have No fear!"

Make sure to have breakfast with the President's on
Wednesday, June 8th!

Don't miss out on getting CE with a wonderful
refresher on "Tricks to Fix!" and "Today's E&O"

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PIA Association for Nebraska and Iowa is committed to focusing its resources in ways that cast the most favorable light on its constituents. We are dedicated to providing the type of programs, the level of advocacy, and the dissemination of information that best supports the perpetuation and prosperity of our members. We pledge to always conduct ourselves in a manner that enhances the public image of PIA and adds real value to our members.

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Today, over 11,000 agents and brokers recognize Utica Mutual's program for the quality that it is. Utica Mutual views Errors and Omissions as a business partnership with agent/broker-policyholders. Utica Mutual cares about their customers and pledges to provide exceptional customer service in the industry.

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