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Live Webinars

Nebraska & Iowa

What are they, and how do they work?

Webinars are over-the-internet courses conducted in real-time that allow students to receive the highest quality instruction while watching from their own computer, tablet or smartphone. Webinars combine the convenience of online courses with live instruction and interaction with the instructor. Our webinars have a chat box which allows students to ask questions and participate in the course, making for a more dynamic learning experience. Best of all, at the end of the Webinar, there is no test required for CE credit to be earned!

At Professional Insurance Agents (PIA) of Nebraska and Iowa we want our Webinars to provide the best possible simulation of a live classroom environment. It is for this reason that NONE of the Webinars you take from us are pre-recorded; they all take place in real-time and are taught by the instructor who authored the course. Our instructors use a webcam so you will hear and see him/her teach, address questions and provide answers - all in real-time!

All that you need to take PIA NE/IA Webinars are working speakers and a good internet connection. Webinars occur at a scheduled date and time, below is a list of our available Webinar courses.

After the conclusion of the webinar PIA will verify your attendance with the class administrator and file your CE credits online with the NE & IA Insurance Department State Based Systems database within 10 days (webinar fees must be paid in full in order to file CE credits).


Available Webinars

An Hour with Cathy: Certificates of Insurance - Headaches & Remedies

Instructor: Cathy Trischan, CPCU, CRM, CIC, ARM, AU, AAI, CRIS, MLIS, TRIP
Approved 1 PC Hr NE/ 1 GEN CE Hr IA

This course will familiarize the participants with some of the issues faced by insurance professionals when they issue Certificates of Insurance for their customers.

An Hour with Cathy: Commercial Property Valuation Options (aka “How Big is the Check?!”)

Instructor: Cathy Trischan, CPCU, CRM, CIC, ARM, AU, AAI, CRIS, MLIS, TRIP
Approved 1 PC Hr NE/ 1 GEN CE Hr IA

This course begins with a discussion of various types of valuation in commercial property insurance including replacement cost and actual cash value. We will discuss coinsurance, changes in values over the course of the policy term, state over-insurance laws as well as valued policy laws and functional valuation.

An Hour with Dave: All-Things Ordinance or Law (Personal and Commercial)

Instructor: David Thompson, CPCU
Approved 1 PC Hr NE/ 1 GEN Hr IA

While many insurance pros are familiar with the term “Ordinance or Law”, many don’t have a keen understanding of its role in a homeowners or commercial property policy. This course reviews examples of ordinances and laws regarding damaged structures, the policy exclusions for compliance exposures as well as methods to insure them.

An Hour with Dave: Coverages That Keep a Business Income Loss From Bankrupting You

Instructor: David Thompson, CPCU

The direct damage event (think fire or hurricane) has come and gone. Your insured is now faced with a new dilemma: how to keep the money flowing or risk losing the business. This course reviews essential coverages to keep your insured from going bankrupt including Business Income, Extra Expense, loss of utility services, spoilage and more.

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