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Certified Insurance Counselors (CIC)
Nebraska & Iowa

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The Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC) program is a nationally acclaimed professional designation program for property-casualty insurance professionals. 

The CIC program is more advanced than the typical insurance continuing education program, but it steers clear of arcane, theoretical information, focusing instead on practical knowledge that is intended to enhance your career and improve your organization's bottom line. 

Whether you are attending continuing education courses because you have to, or you are attending to improve your knowledge and enhance your professional growth, you can't go wrong with the CIC program. You gain knowledge, prestige, continuing ed credit, and the competitive edge!


How do you earn the CIC designation?

You earn the CIC designation by attending five of the seven intensive CIC institutes in any order and passing the exam at the end of each institute. In case you are only interested in the knowledge gained or the continuing ed (CE) credits earned at a CIC institute, you do not have to take the exam. It is only required for those seeking to earn the CIC designation.

The seven CIC institutes are:

Personal Lines (16 Gen IA/16 PC NE)
This institute addresses the unique needs of individuals, families, and family members. You will learn to handle the complexities of state-specific personal lines forms. Through the use of examples of Personal Umbrella or Excess Policies, you will learn how to respond in the event of a loss.Commercial casualty— Explore coverage, limitations, and exclusions of the Commercial General Liability (CGL) Policy, the Business Auto Policy (BAP), and the Workers’ Compensation and Employers’ Liability Insurance Policy (WC & EL Policy).

Commercial Property (16 Gen IA/16 PC NE)
At this institute, you will gain a detailed understanding of Commercial Property coverages and endorsements and learn how to maximize coverage and protect your property accounts.

Commercial Casualty (16 Gen IA/16 PC NE)
Explore coverage, limitations, and exclusions of the Commercial General Liability (CGL) Policy, the Business Auto Policy (BAP), and the Workers’ Compensation and Employers’ Liability Insurance Policy (WC & EL Policy).

Commercial MultiLine (16 Gen IA/16 PC NE)
Explore commercial multiline exposures and become familiar with important coverages. Topics Covered: Businessowners policies, commercial inland marine concepts and coverages, crime coverages and endorsements, cyber exposures and coverages, EPLI and excess liability/commercial umbrella coverages

Life & Health (16 Gen IA /16 L/H GEN NE)
Learn practical information related to Life and Annuity Policies, Business Life Concepts, Health Insurance, and Employee Benefits. Leave the class with information that you can put to use immediately.

Agency Management (13 Gen 3 Ethic IA/13 Gen 3 Ethic NE)
Learn the fundamentals of strategic planning within an agency and learn what actions are needed to achieve growth.In the CIC Agency Management course, you will learn how to apply the management theories, methods, and procedures necessary to operate a successful insurance agency. Leave the class prepared to implement strategies designed to increase agency profitability.

Insurance Company Operations (16 Gen IA/16 PC NE)
This institute describes how insurance companies function and why that is important to all insurance and risk management professionals. Learn about the important strategic descisions and tactics used in product development, underwriting, distribution, claims, and other vital company departments.
The Society of CIC has added the option of substituting any one part of the Certified Risk Manager (CRM) program for any one part of CIC. For example, someone who is very strong in commercial lines and averse to personal lines may want to take the Commercial Property, Commercial Casualty, Commercial Multi Line, and Agency Management CIC institutes, and instead of Personal Lines, take the CRM Principles of Risk Management course to complete their CIC designation.

Will CIC help me meet my state CE requirements?

The CIC program has been approved in all states that have mandatory continuing education. It makes CIC a great opportunity for you and your staff to meet CE requirements for your resident and non-resident licenses.

In Nebraska & Iowa, Personal Lines, Commercial Casualty, Commercial Property Commercial Multi Line, Company Operations and Life & Health each provides 16 Gen IA/16 PC NE CE credit. Agency Management provides a total of 13 Gen 3 Ethic IA/13 Gen 3 Ethic NE making it our most versatile CE course.
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Who should participate in the CIC program?

  • Agency owners
  • Agency producers
  • Experienced agency staff
  • Advanced customer service representatives
  • Company underwriters
  • Company branch managers
  • Experienced company personnel

How will CIC benefit my agency/company?

  • Higher premiums due to higher level of knowledge
  • Higher account retention
  • Knowing the latest policy changes affecting your clients
  • Learning the latest sales and cross-selling techniques
  • More knowledgeable, professional staff
  • Decreased E&O risk
  • Affiliation with colleagues & associates
  • Optimum use of state-required class attendance
  • Meet staff CE needs for both resident & non-resident licenses

How long do I have to complete the CIC designation?

At least five years, beginning with the first class that you pass. The Society of CIC gives you to the end of the year in question, so it is actually a little over five years.
For example, if you took Personal Lines in October of 2018 and failed, then took Commercial Property in March of 2019 and passed, the Society would consider the beginning of your five years to be March of 2019. Therefore, your completion deadline would be December 31, 2024, which gives you five years and nine months from the date of your first pass.

If I fail a CIC exam, can I take a make-up test?

No. There are no make-up tests in the CIC program. To retake an exam, you have to retake the class, and the fee is the same (i.e., there is no discount).

If I fail an exam, is there any way to find out my score?

No. The Society of CIC only provides pass-fail information.

However, you can get an exam review from the Society. Go to your PROfile page on The National Alliance website to request an exam review. They will analyze your exam answers and send you a report critiquing your work with suggestions for improvement.

If I take a CIC institute, but I fail the exam, can I still get continuing ed (CE) credit from the state?

Yes. CE credit for classroom programs is based on attendance. As long as you are present for the entire course, you will earn Nebraska or Iowa CE credit, regardless of whether you even take the exam.

Most other states seem to have similar policies, but if your resident license is in a different state, please review your state's CE law or call the PIA NE IA office at 402-392-1611 for help.

I've lost track of which parts of CIC I've passed. How can I find out?

The official record is at the Society of CIC. To find out for sure you can check your PROfile page.

If you still need help you can call the National Alliance at 800-531-5197 or you can call the PIA NE IA office at 402-392-1611.

I think I just passed my last part of CIC. How do I find out whether the Society shows me as a new CIC? Is there some kind of graduation ceremony?

If you pass the class, and it is your fifth (final) part, you will get a packet from the Society about four weeks after your "pass" letter on your PROfile page informing you that you are now a CIC. Make sure to fill out the paperwork in the packet to receive your certificate and pin.

How do I maintain the CIC designation?

Once you have earned the CIC designation you can maintain it by attending annually one of the seven CIC institutes (no exam required) or a James K. Ruble Seminar (which also does not involve an exam). Updates are due by the end of a CIC's birth month every year. You can find out for sure when your next update is due by checking your PROfile page. Note: Don't confuse your CIC update with your state CE requirement. CIC updates are annual.

What is a James K. Ruble Seminar?

As a dues-paid designee, you expect superior content for your updates—and all of James K. Ruble content is superior! Ruble Seminars (named after James K. Ruble, a key person in the creation of the CIC program) are special two day course for updating CICs, CRMs, and CISRs. It's a way for to get more variety while satisfying annual update requirements without having to take the same institutes over and over again. Different topics are available at Ruble Seminars that are not covered at the regular institutes, or they may include a more advanced version of a topic that is covered at an institute. **Only dues paying designees will receive annual update credit! Pay membership Dues