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Star Partners

We invite you to become a PIA Partners-In-Action affiliate and reap the benefits of increased industry exposure while effectively marketing your programs and demonstrating your support of the insurance agency system. 

Insurance companies are the backbone of the agency system. PIA's unique Partners-In-Action program works with insurance companies to sponsor valuable programs, which serve to further strengthen the agency system. How? By marketing your products and services to the agents through a variety of ways-promotions via our website, networking opportunities, free memberships, discounts on classes, and more.

Sponsorship Levels

Three Star



This package will put your name in front of all PIA members all over the state of Nebraska as well as help you gain exposure at the Annual Convention.

Four Star



This package is a great value for all budgets! Agents will see your name at the Annual Convention, Annual Golf Outing and in PIA NE & IA Magazine! Let Nebraska's independent agents know who you are and how you can partner to help each other grow!

Five Star



This package gives you maximum exposure to Nebraska's independent agents! You'll be recognized in a multitude of ways, from printed publications to elite sponsorships and face-to-face contact with your target audience. No other associate member package will give you as much exposure to PIA member agents!


Star Partner Benefits

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