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PIA Insurance Trust/
PIA Services Group Insurance Fund

What is the Trust?

The PIA Services Group Insurance Fund was established in 1969 by the PIA Services, Inc. and is commonly known as the PIA Trust. The Trust is an independent entity designated with the responsibility of providing insurance benefits to the members of the National Association of Professional Insurance Agents.

Trustees are volunteers appointed for three-year terms by the PIA Services, Inc. However, they are responsible to the participants within the Trust. The Trustees are independent agents, members of PIA National and have a working knowledge and experience in the field of accident, health and disability products, both individual and groups. The Trustees elect their own officers, chairman, vice chairman and treasurer.

The income generated by the sales to the members of the PIA National is used for the benefit of the participants of the Trust. The intent and goal is to offer products to PIA members at rates not available on the open market and provide products unlike those offered in the open market.

The Trust has one full time paid employee, a Trust Manager.

Email: | Phone: 1-800-336-4759 | Fax: 913-652-7599

Moving In
Protect Your Family's
Financial Future

Help build and protect your family's financial future with PIA's group insurance plans. As a PIA member, you can choose from several high quality, competitively priced insurance plans to help protect you, your employees and families. Customize your protection to best suit your needs.

Employees are eligible to apply for all plans (except Basic Life), even without their employer's participation!

PIA Trust Insurance Plans

(800) 336-4759

  • Ideal Traits, Insurance Agency Hiring Made Easy"
    IdealTraits is the go-to hiring tool for insurance agencies across America. If you are having trouble finding top talent, or you would like to improve your hiring strategy, IdealTraits may be for you. This new PIA program ensures agents can use a comprehensive tool to hire top performers for their agencies. Step 1 - Post Jobs: Build the best job postings with versatile templates for ZipRecruiter, Google for Jobs, Indeed, Glassdoor, and 100+ job boards. Step 2 - Applicant Tracking: View resumes, comment, rate, organize, and move your candidates through hiring stages--all on the IdealTraits platform! Step 3 - Send Pre-Hire Assessments: Pre-screen candidates to predict job performance, all from within the system! Step 4 - Identify and Hire: Use assessment results to identify strengths and weaknesses and hire the best candidate.
  • Online and Classroom CE
    The PIA NE IA is known nationwide as one of the premier states when it comes to education! Partnering with The National Alliance, the AIMS Society, and FISCE, plus hot topics for the Farm Seminar and Annual Convention. PIA offers close to 200 options and 750 CE hrs each year, including pre-licensing. Learn more on our Education page.
  • PIA Omnia – Behavioral Assessment
    Protect your agency from bad hires and high turnover with the Omnia Assessment! In just 10 minutes or less, our behavioral assessment tool gives you the insight to take the guesswork out of personnel decisions. Whether you are hiring a new employee, deciding on future roles for current employees, team building or creating a succession plan for your agency, Omnia can help.
  • Sample Producer and Employment Agreements
    You can get FREE sample producer contracts and employee contracts from PIAW. Developed for PIA, these contracts contain non-compete and non-piracy clauses, as well as other standard employment provisions. We can email these word documents so you can customize them with your agency information. If interested, please contact PIA at 402-392-1611.
  • Winning @Talent
    Winning@Talent is a 3-part toolkit featuring intuitive tools that take agency employers through a simple journey that starts with determining if their agency is well positioned to attract quality candidates and ends with a happy, productive employee. Part 1 - Are You Ready to Recruit?, focuses on helping agencies assess whether they are ready to recruit. In this section, we help agency owners and managers assess their employer brand, provide tools to help them build and strengthen it, and offer best practices on how to make it resonate across communication channels and social networks. Part 2 - Sourcing, Recruiting and Hiring, focuses on sourcing potential hiring prospects, recruiting them into your agency and ultimately hiring them. This section offers resources and best practices to help agency owners and managers find, screen, interview and evaluate candidates in ways that will help them reduce their time to fill key positions, build their talent pipeline and meet long-term recruiting goals. Part 3 - Retaining Your Best Employees, focuses on how agencies can retain their best employees because employee retention is vital to growing any agency. This section provides best practices and resources that agency owners and managers can share with their employees to help those employees with their own career development.

Please call 800-336-4759 for questions about the PIA Services Group Insurance Fund plans.
Fax number: 913-652-7599

Lockton Risk Services
PO Box 410679, Kansas City, MO 64141-0679.

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