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The Professional Insurance Agents Political Action Committee was formed to allow agents to create a pool of funds to use in making contributions to political candidates in Nebraska who subscribe to the same political philosophy as PIA and its agent members. We contribute through PIAPAC to candidates who support legislation that is beneficial to independent property/casualty insurance agents and their clients.

The Professional Insurance Agents Political Action Committee is governed by PIA's Board of Directors. Part of their responsibility is to stay in tune with the activities of the candidates, evaluate their level of support for agents issues, and determine who should receive PIAPAC contribution funds.

How does it work?

How do I benefit?

​​State legislative and governmental activity has a great effect on your business as an independent insurance agent. In order to participate in the political process it is necessary to contribute in a meaningful way to help elect, and to keep elected, legislators who are our friends. The more you contribute, the more effective PIAPAC can be in electing candidates who will effectively represent our interests. We encourage participation in the political process.

In addition to your contribution, please also send along any suggestions, information and nominations of candidates for PIAPAC contributions. Politics is a year-round business and PIAPAC requires everyone's support to continue making our presence felt in Lincoln, NE and Washington, DC.

How do I join?

An individual may join PIAPAC by paying annual dues as follows:
Regular Membership - $50

Star Partner Benefits

PIAPAC is incorporated in the State of Nebraska and registered with the State Division of Elections. All contributions are welcome*. Membership is on a voluntary basis for individuals and agencies. Corporate checks are acceptable in Nebraska.

Send your checks, payable to:

920 S 107 Avenue, Suite 305
Omaha, NE 68114

* Contributions or gifts to PIAPAC are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.

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